Welcome to Garbinge!

Welcome! We are here to welcome you to this site, as well as break down who we are, what we do, and what type of content you’ll see from us at garbinge.

What is garbinge?

Garbinge is a blog dedicated to talking about your favorite tv shows that we love to binge. Our focus is specifically on shows that we love to re-watch over and over again. Timeless, classic, + amazing tv that you can never get enough of.

This blog will be dedicated to multiple tv shows and the list will continue to grow. You will be able to find deep plot dives, chats about character arcs and development, behind the scenes footage, links to great video/interview clips, fanfiction stories, and a lot more. We like to call it a smorgasbord of tv content.

What does ‘garbinge’ mean?

Exactly what it sounds like. We got the name from the idea of people always saying tv is garbage. So we thought okay, cool… “garbage tv” but make it ✨ c o o l ✨. We wanted to create a play on words since we love a good binge watch just as much as the next person.

Who runs this page?

*drumroll please* @anjparm! Anj is an avid binge watcher and an even more fanatical re-watcher. She has always been connected to fandom life and her re-watch days began long ago with Gilmore Girls and currently span to everything you see on this page! (But Mayans M.C is her current fav if you ask her.) Give her a shout on her socials (@anjparm) if you have any tv recommendations, questions, or just want to chat about tv.

How did this idea come about?

Our founder, @anjparm, was inspired by her boyfriend to create a space to write about her tv obsessions. She felt as though platforms like reddit, imbd, + tumblr, while all great to express thoughts and opinions on tv shows, there was potential for more. We wanted to create a space that could touch upon everything tv and fandom.

Thanks for tuning in, garbingers! Look forward to connecting with you and sharing some great content with you.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us at garbingetv@gmail.com

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