Garbinge Reactions

Hello, garbingers!

This is going to be a quick overview of some icons we created to react to our posts and express garbinge’s opinion on them. You can find them at the bottom of some of our posts.

The garbinge reaction:

Not your typical ‘trash’ reaction. This is meant as garbinge approved, ‘garbingeable’ if you may. No hate, all love. Used generally on first watch shows as well as our top 5 bingeable picks.

The talk bubble reaction:

Let’s get chatting! We encourage conversation on all of our posts on here but when we leave this reaction in the post we REALLY want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Treat the comment section as your diary and spill all the tea, we BEG you.

The world reaction:

wHeN wOrLdS cOLLiDe. We use this to indicate content where two or more fandoms join together. Trust me there are a lot of worlds colliding moments in the tv world.

The heart reaction:

Meant to indicate our favorites! When discussing our favorite actors, characters, storylines, moments, you name it! Generally speaking, it’s probably this entire blog? But you can see this pop up when talking about our favorite episodes, content from our favorite actors, and more.

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